Celia Ghaddar, To Beirut Lebanon Soon Invited By MTV Lebanon with Dalida

The Lebanese actress Dalida Khalil recently stated that she is ready to start a new work soon, which will be co-starring with the child “Celia Ghaddar”.

Dalida’s words came after her meeting with the Lebanese fashionista Celia Ghaddar in a Beirut café, where she praised the talent of Celia the miracle who is not afraid of the camera lens and lights despite her young age, confirming that she has surpassed the children of her generation and awaits a promising future full of successes and achievements.
On the other hand, Celia’s father, Ahmad Ghaddar, confirmed that he is very pleased to see his daughter work jointly with the artist Dalida, hoping that Celia will follow in the footsteps of Dalida.

To enter everyone’s hearts…

It is worth noting that the meeting of Dalida Khalil and the child Celia Ghaddar caught the attention of the café’s attendees, so they rushed to take pictures with them.

In turn, Celia Ghaddar thanked actress Dalida Khalil for the kind gift she gave him during the meeting, on her official social media account @celiaaofficial

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